What is XC-Gate.ENT?

XC-Gate.ENT is a browser-based system that converts an Microsoft Excel file into a format viewable in a web browser.
It also allows addition of various functionalities such as a drop-down list and text entry field.
XC-Gate.ENT will benefit you greatly, bringing a higher efficiency and a paperless environment.


XC-Gate is digitalized documents tool

Input and record the data into a tablet device directly instead of papers


Conceptual image of XC-Gate system


How to make a check sheet for XC-Gate.


What is command on XC-Gate.?


Display Example of XC-Gate.


Work Flow of XC-Gate. + Tablet


Business usage cases

Used by the customers in various industry sectors

 * Manufacturing:Equipment inspection, Quality check
 * Maintenance:Inspection
 * Construction:Inspection before move-in
 * Franchise:Cleaning check
 * School:Business management

XC-Gate is suitable for any kind of paperwork!


Improved productivity to cut waste



Case1 : Mitsubishi heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Division


Case1-2 : Inspection process of Mitsubishi manufacturing


Case2-1 : Visualization of auto paint repairing process


Case2-2 : Visualization of auto paint repairing process



Visualization of mechanical data