About XC-Gate.ENT

XC-Gate.ENT is a browser-based system that converts an Microsoft Excel file into a format viewable in a web browser.
It also allows addition of various functionalities such as a drop-down list and text entry field.
XC-Gate.ENT will benefit you greatly, bringing a higher efficiency and a paperless environment.

Case examples available!

Efficient Workflow

Dramatically improves the efficiency in the manufacturing processes, including prototyping, acceptance, machining, fabrication, assembly, inspection, shipment and maintenance.


Transforms paper into digital information to promote efficient inspection and reporting and cost reduction.

Real-time Information Sharing

Allows real-time sharing of the facility information including operational status and problems to speed up your actions.

Asset Utilization

Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet application in business. Utilization of the Excel documents that have been created and stored can greatly contribute to the cost reduction.

Case examples available!

App installation not required

The default web browser such as Safari is used to view and input data on your computer or mobile device.

Supporting various devices

The default web browser is used on your iPad, Android, Windows tablet or computer.

Creating a report with Excel

Excel that you are familiar with provides a simple way to ceate a report.

Running offline

Runs even in the locations where there is no internet connection, including hills, mountains and basements. Special applications for such environments are available.

Minimum System Requirements (5 to 30 licences)

XC-Gate Server

OS Windows Server 2008 R2(64bit) / Windows Server 2012 R2(64bit) /
CentOS 6.1 or later
Program: Java EE7 or later, Apache HTTP server 2.4 or later,
Apache Tomcat 7.0 or later,
Apache Tomcat JMS ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL 9.2 or later

Recommended Server Hardware Configurations

CPU: Intel XeonX5650(2.66GHz) 6 core or higher
Memory: 8GB
Free hard disk space: 500GB

Client PC

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Program: Excel 2010 or later, Internet Explorer10,11 / Google Chrome

Client for General User (Tablet)

iPad: iOS 8.2 or later / Safari
Windows tablet: Windows7, 8, 8.1, 10 / Internet Explorer10,11/ Google Chrome
(Flash player ver.10 or later is required when using a camera application)